TD 1100-8000 Series Dehumidifying Dryer – ESS (Energy Saving System)

For Drying of Engineering Polymer Granules and Regrind

The ESS used on the TD 1100-8000 system effectively adjusts the process parameters and variables automatically, and can thus adapt to the actual department conditions and requirements with maximum flexibility.
The unique modular valve combined with precision monitoring of process variables ensures optimal moisture / sieve / temperature / airflow performance, this provides significant energy saving and material stress protection when compared to a conventional twin desiccant bed dehumidifier.
The continuous operating cycle and constant monitoring of all the physical parameters ensures the desiccant bed have less stress and consequently last much longer, for up to 10 years.

  •  Up to 40% Energy Saving
  • Continuous Dry Airflow to –50˚C Dew-Point
  • Heat Exchanger Recovers Heat from Return Air
  • No Cooling Coil Required
  • No Chilled Water Required
  • No Compressed Air Required
  • State-of-the-Art PLC Controls
  • Drying Hoppers have Stainless Steel Contact Parts
  • Large, Hinged Access Door
  • Hopper Capacities up to 8000 litres
  • Standard Multi-Hopper Arrangements
  • Special Arrangements available